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    Members of Parliament Inaugurates of Student Savings Movement


    BANDUNG - Members of the House of Representatives Commission XI from PKS faction Ecky Awal Mucharam filling the recess period with inaugurate student savings movements (SimPel) program at Braga street, Bandung, on Tuesday (10/11). The event was attended by the Commissioner Board Member of The Financial Services Authority (OJK) Kusumaningtuti Soetiono and Director of BCA Bank Suwignyo Budiman.

    SimPel program itself aims to improve public access to banks and promoting the saving culture. Only Rp 5,000 students can open up the early savings and with the minimum next savings of Rp 1000,-. Through this program, the bank will ‘pick up the ball’ to each school.

    "Savings has always been the key to accelerated development, especially for developing countries. Unfortunately the level of literacy (financial literacy) and the inclusiveness of our banks is still low. I wish this program may successful break down these barriers," says Ecky.

    In his speech, Ecky hope this program can be a great growing movement to promote national development. Especially today that coincides with the momentum of the heroes day, where one of the actualisation of the heroism value is actively participate in economic development.

    "Although nominal savings are small, but the potential of students is large, both in number and prospects in the future, because it will be entrenched in the community. It impacted to the enough capital for development so that we do not need to owe to foreigners again," said Ecky in a press release submitted to jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (10/11) afternoon.


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