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    Aher Gave his words for the Flag Hoisting Troop


    BANDUNG-A day after they carried out their duty on the Independence day ceremony, The members of the flag hoisting troop had a chance to have a conversation with The Governor of West Java at the East Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, Thursday (18/8).
    During the occasion, on Behalf of West Java province and society, Aher expressed his appreciation and he congratulates the troop after successfully conducted the ceremony.
     "On behalf of the Government of West Java, I congratulate you for successfully carried out your duty as West Java Flag Hoisting Troop," said Aher hearts speech.
    Aher said that they should be able to plan their future well.
     "To shape the future is a personal responsibility. we are in the future is what we are doing now," said Aher.
     "You have to see yourself as a great people in the future. Good people always know what they want for their future, "he explained.
     Aher also want to hear the success stories from the troop in the future. However, Aher also hopes that they could bring benefits for their society.
     "I Want to hear your success stories in the future, 10 Years from now, I Want to hear your success stories," he said.

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