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    Aher Held a Gathering with The Independence Pioneer of West Java



    BANDUNG-After the ceremony of the Independence day the 71st and the raising of the flag, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), held a gathering with the independence pioneer in West Java, such as veterans, Army fighters '45, Pepabri, superannuated, warakawuri, and elders of West Java at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, on Wednesday (17.08.16).

    This event was attended by the governor's wife, Netty Heryawan, Deputy Governor, Deddy Mizwar, and his wife, R. Giselawati Mizwar, ranks FKPD West Java, officials in the West Java Provincial Government, Members of Parliament of West Java, including the former governor and vice governor West Java.

    Aher was expressed happy and proud to be able to stay in touch with fighters from West Java. According to him, the hero and his predecessor have been instrumental in bringing many advances that we can enjoy at the present time.

    "There is no future without the past, so in fact the most meritorious is the past, the most meritorious is the governor before us, the most meritorious is the officials, elders before us all," said Aher in front of hundreds of pioneers of independence and West Java elders were present.

    "Because they are delivered relay to us and then we go on, so actually the most meritorious are the predecessors of us," said Aher that the audience applause.

    Furthermore, Aher also said that this country was built within millions episode. Therefore, there can be no leader who can solve all the problems of this nation in one or two of the leadership.

    "Of course this is the episode that is still very long, long stretches. Let's do our best with the possibilities that we have. And the most important thing is done with sincere intentions and sincere as our elders, our ancestors, our heroes. Sincerity is what makes us the price before God Almighty, by devotion and sincerity will be rewarded. That is actually our real work, "said Aher.

    As a form of gratitude and appreciation to these fighters, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin), West Java to give a gift to all the pioneers of independence in attendance. This prize was given by the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of West Java General Suryamal.

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