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    Commemorating The Independence Day through The realisation of "Indonesia Kerja Nyata"



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), becomes the inspector of the ceremony of the Indonesian Independence Day the 71th in Gasibu Square, Bandung, on Wednesday (17/8).

    At the age of 71 years, Indonesia has many challenges in the process of development, so that, according to Aher, the real work is required from all parties and as part of our efforts in comemmorating the nation's independence. This is consistent with the theme of this year Independence day which is "Indonesia Kerja Nyata".

    Aher said that the efforts of the real work being done by the company covers a wide range of sectors, such as education, health, infrastructure development, economy, agriculture, family resilience, and urban and rural development. This effort is expected to further improve the quality of life and welfare of the people in West Java.

    However, Aher did not dismiss the development challenges that we are facing today, including maintaining economic growth to be strong, economic equality with justice, improve the people's purchasing power, reduce unemployment and poverty, the income gap society, improvement the role of older people, keeping conduciveness of the threat of the conflict, the threat of terrorism and radicalism, combating drugs, human trafficking, and protect the public from the dangers of pornography.

    "All of these challenges require the presence of real work in it," said Aher its address.

    West Java Hybrid Construction & Development Acceleration

    On this occasion, Aher also convey some of the achievements of macro indicators of development that has been achieved in West Java until mid 2016. West Java HDI in 2015 reached 69.5 points; the education index 59.95 points, healthcare index 80.63 points, and the expenditure of 869.45 index points. While spending per capita reached USD 9.7 million.

    The rate of economic growth in West Java in 2015 continues to be maintained up to above 5%, the GDP per capita amounted to USD 32.65 million. Jabar inflation figures in 2015 amounted to 2.75% and the percentage of poor people continue to fall to 8.95% in the First Quarter 2016.

    "Various development achievements are the result of real work of all stakeholders in West Java. For that, the real work must always be maintained in the spirit of any implementation of development agenda forward, so that the acceleration of various regional development targets we can achieve an optimal way, "please Aher.

    In addition, to support the acceleration of development, reducing the income gap, and improve people's welfare, West Java provincial government continues to encourage its agents to provide ease of access to finance to invest and open the broadest community. This is an effective strategy in reducing poverty, unemployment and income inequality that occurred in the community.

    Aher other things, revealed that government strategy to accelerate development but done evenly and continuously. In this case the West Java provincial government introduced a system of hybrid model, which is based development-based local autonomy and 3 (three) and metropolitan growth centers in the province with a population of more than 46.7 million inhabitants.

    "The Metropolitan include Bodebekarpur (Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Karawang and Purwakarta), Bandung Raya, and metropolitan Cirebon Kingdom. As well as the growth center Palabuhanratu, Rancabuaya, and Pangandaran in the southern region of West Java, "said Aher.

    Acceleration and equitable development strategies must be supported by various parties, because, Aher said, to realize this area needed funding to Rp 600 trillion. Aher also hope it can be realized with funding cooperation scheme between the government and the business world, as well as increasing the role of local enterprises in West Java province.

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