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    The Absence of ESDM Minister will Potentially Interupt the Discussion of 2017 Budget Draft



    BANDUNG-Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives, Munawar Rofi, urged President Jokowi  to immediately appoint a definitive minister. Because, with the absence of  the new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources could potentially hinder the discussion of the Draft Budget Revenue Expenditure (draft budget) in 2017 which should be completed by October 2016.
    "The president should immediately appoint a new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, so that the discussion can be continued and targets that have been implemented in the EMR sector can be realized," said Rofi in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (17/8).
    Oil and Gas Committee member is assured that the definitive position of the Minister is required in preparing the framework of macro-economic assumptions in the energy field.
    "The energy sector is a vital field and has a tremendous impact. So that each of the resulting policy will be very decisive in encouraging economic growth, "he said.
    In addition, if President Jokowi did not immediately appoint a new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, it would potentially interfere with the various targets set by the government so far. Like the 35,000 MW program, the increase in national oil and gas lifting, increasing national electrification, to progress renegotiate the contract for work on mineral and coal sectors.
    "Lastly, the Commission VII asked that the dismissal of ministers does not happen again," said Rofi.
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