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    Economy and Infrastructure Program Should be Implemented Immediately



    BANDUNG-In order to make sense of the moment of Independence of Indonesia the 71st, the House of Representatives Budget Committee Members Akmal Pasluddin prompted the government to immediately implement economic development programs and infrastructure in the border area of ??national defense.

    Because, with the existing conditions like today, Indonesian Sovereignity is highly vulnerable, both ideologically and territorial.

    "Our society is not demanding to the government. They only ask for savety and comfort and availability of food, clothing and housing. Moreover, if the government provides proper education, the quality of Indonesian human resources can be definitely improved, "Akmal said in a press release received by jabarpov.go.id, Wednesday (17/8).

    It is said, the Indonesian People want a true independence, the fundamental freedoms that was not bound to the threat of hunger and shelter as the identity of a place to stay.

    "I heard that the president said that he is committed to build the economy and the infrastructure of the border communities. Since this is the first defense of the territorial sovereignty of the country," he explained.

    During this time, Akmal observed that a number of road construction activity in the border region does not provide the expected benefits. Although, the value of government projects worth hundreds of billions of rupiah.

    So that shows the lack of coordination between local government, provincial governments and the central government.

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