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    Innovation Awards, Pioneering The Act of Initiative and Community Empowerment in West Java in 2016



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java held an Innovation Award which Pioneering the Community Initiative act and empowerment of West Java in 2016. The Award was handed directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan on Monday (08.15.16) in the West Hall Building Sate.

    Head of the Secretariat of Social Development Bureau of West Java Province Gandakusumah R. Ruddy said that this is the 6th time for the implementation of Innovation Award, the 4th time for Grace Initiative and the 2nd time for the Pioneer Award for Community Empowerment in West Java.

    "This is a form of appreciation from the Governor to the people of West Java that has ideas, innovative products and processes as well as changes in society that propel development in West Java," he said.

    In addition, according to Ruddy, the award also aims to motivate people to be more creative, innovative and actively participate in the development in West Java.

    "The topics proposed for the grace of innovation, initiative and empowerment of people in West Java in 2016 are Education, Health, Food, Energy, Arts and Culture, Tourism, Infrastructure and Environment," said Ruddy.

    "The winners will receive an award plaque, trophy and stimulation funds. For Innovation Award winners: each Rp 50,000,000, - and the Governors Awards and trophies for the six winners. To Award Initiative: each Rp 25.00. 000 along with the governor and the Goblet Award to four winners. As for the Pioneer Award for Community Empowerment: each Rp 50,000,000, - and the governor and the Goblet Award for five winners, "said Ruddy.

    The Assessment Team / Assessor Award Jabar Innovation Initiative are: Ir. Sondi Kuswaryan, MS. (Padjadjaran University), Dr. Reginawanti Hindersah, MP. (Padjadjaran University), Dr. Nathanael P. Tandian, M.Sc (ITB), Dr. dr. Denny K. Sunjaya, DESS (Padjadjaran University), Prof. Dr. Dasim Budimansyah (UPI), Dr. Rer.nat. Ir. Suseno Amien (Padjadjaran University), and Dr. Y. Martinus Pasaribu, M.Sn (ITB). As for the Assessment Team / Assessor Award Pioneers Community Empowerment Jabar, as follows: Dr. Yadi Ruyadi, M.Si (UPI), Dr. Arthur S Nalan, S.Sen. M.Hum (ISBI), Ir. Sondi Kuswaryan, MS. (Padjadjaran University), Dr. Reginawanti Hindersah, MP. (Unpad), and Dra. Meiti Subhardini P.hD (STKS).

    Pioneering Initiative and Community Empowerment

    Head of the Secretariat of the Bureau Bangsos Jabar Ruddy Gandakusumah explain the difference of three categories of awards that tonight will be submitted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. Innovation refers to the methods, ideas, or a new product that is different from that previously known. This innovative work is already economically viable and have had value added benefits perceived by the public.

    Initiative, classified according to the thought or idea that has been molded in the form of models, concepts, designs, prototypes and end with a blueprint. Thoughts or ideas can be had through small-scale testing (proof of concept) as an attempt to show that it is technically, economically, socially, and environmental initiatives can be realized.

    "While Pioneer Community Empowerment is a recognition and appreciation of the Governor of West Java for citizens who have given dedication and devotion through community empowerment efforts that substantially improve the standard of life of a society," he explained.

    No less important according to Ruddy, West Java Provincial Government has had Perda No. 5 of 2012 on the Protection of Intellectual Property. 2015 Bangsos Bureau initiated the preparation of West Java Governor Regulation Number 73 of 2015 on Implementation Guidelines for Registration of Intellectual Property Facilitation.

    "By 2016 we intend to initiate the establishment of" Center of Intellectual Property "by involving OPD associated with the administration of intellectual property registration, outreach and technical assistance to the intellectual property community, especially to SMEs," he concluded.

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