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    Efficiency Fund of West Java Governor Election 2018



    BANDUNG-According to the Governor, the initial funding in 2018 West Java Governor Election is up to Rp. 3 trillion. Next, the calculation efficiency to Rp. 2,5t trillion.
    Next, the meeting with the organizers of the election of each Commission and the Supervisory Committee as well as some of the OPD in the Provincial Government. West Java Governor Election Jabar budget for 2018 had been reduced to Rp 1.9 trillion, he said.
    Governor, further said, the potential reduction of funds Pilgub Jabar 2016, can occur for a number of operational activity can be screened by 16 District / City.
    The operational activities that can be shared by Regency / City include: procurement of voting booths, honor officers and administrative costs.
    If funding for these activities, can be done sharing between the provincial government. Jabar district / municipal government, the budget for the year 2018 back Pilgub Jabar could bekurang, obviously Aher.
     Readiness for allocating funds in the budget began to be implemented in 2017 given the operational phase in the implementation Pilgub Jabar 2018 will already be implemented by the Commission piha. For 2017, the allocated funds amounting to Rp 800 billion. The funds, allocated for the initial stages in the West Java Governor Election Commission.
    Meanwhile, the governor said, the rest is allocated in the 2018 budget can be pure or in budget changes. (NR)
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