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    The Jalu Coffee of Cilengkrang



    BANDUNGKAB- "Arabica Bukit Palasari" is a Jalu Coffee Brand made by Wahid (Hutan Giri Senang Farmers Group) which immediately received a positive response from Bandung Regent Dadang M Naser on forest farmer group achievement awards during the commemoration of the 44th Agricultural Activities on Tuesday (09/8) in the court of BKPPP.
    This time Wahid wants to introduce Jalu Coffee of Cilengkrang Bandung regency. Wahid himself is a citizen of Bandung who work as street vendors, but because of his love of coffee, he often looks for information about coffee. Likewise when he began to define the taste of real coffee, "the taste of coffee drunk in fact it was already full, bitter, sweet, sour, salty, taste enjoyed it depends on the audience suggestion," he said while menyeduhkan coffee jalu formula. According Similarly, the coffee can be healthy and not trigger the disease.
    Accordingly, Bandung Regent H. Dadang Naser Mochamad, SH, S.Ip., M.IP strongly supports coffee farmers. Hope Dadang, copies of Bandung regency could compete in the market outside, even the coffee he wished we had a "brand" typical of Bandung regency.
    At the same time, some coffee farmers were present even then very motivated. Because according to Wahid in terms of economic, coffee occupy the position 2 after petroleum, of course it adds to the passion for coffee farmers to continuously improve the quality and quantity of coffee.
    Forest Farmers Group Chairman Giri Glad even this, explaining Jalu means the men in Sundanese. So called because of the shape of coffee beans is single and round, do not split like the shape of coffee beans normally. Jalu coffee can be produced from different types of coffee robusta and arabica.
    Coffee actually spur / lanang this is not a new variety, the coffee can be produced by trees robusta and arabica coffee species are generally grown by farmers in Indonesia. According to him, the coffee jalu / lanang formed due to: (1) pollination is not perfect, hence one of the two seeds inside coffee berries into puso, thus remaining one seed that occupy space on the coffee fruit, usually occurring in pollinating the tip of the branch where the stigma slightly damaged by wind or insect infestation; (2) delivery of nutrients imbalance at fertilization because the tree is stressed, so as to make the growth of grains is less than perfect; and (3) genetic abnormality.
    Therefore, there is no 100% coffee tree produces coffee jalu / lanang, coffee production generally ranges from 2-5% of the total production of whole coffee fruit. In the district. Cilengkrang own coffee can produce hundreds of tons per year, but marketing is still controlled by the owners of capital.
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