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    Livestock Contest is Intended to Produce a Good Quality Livestock



    KARAWANG-To achieve food self-sufficiency, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan wanted the livestock sector in West Java continue to be improved. He reasoned, West Java region which has high potential and livestock production should be able to meet the needs of people who are now a growing number and increasing their purchasing power.

    Currently, the needs of West Java will beef as much as 69 percent are still filled from outside West Java. Meeting the needs of the milk processing industry is also 80 percent are still imported from outside West Java.

    "This is not an impossible thing, if we continue to improve, self-sufficiency will be achieved, look at our breeding potential is promising," said Aher after opening contest Cattle and Calves Harvest Levels in Karawang regency of West Java province, on Thursday (11/08).

    Aher explained, the farm has become a habit in rural communities in West Java as a sideline business or core business, as well as a source of income that has economic value to the development of the region.

    The development of the livestock subsector else thinks is beneficial activities that demand by the public. Proven employment in the livestock sector in West Java reached 6.7 percent.

    "West Java was experiencing a surplus in the supply of meat broiler ie more than 338 162 tons, therefore I am optimistic that if we continue to fix the farm, the fulfillment of the domestic market as well as a request from the outside such as the Middle East, Malaysia, and Brunei which had long been desirous of importing meat sheep from West Java will be able to be fulfilled, "he said.

    Some of the things that hinder the development of the livestock sector in West Java due to the weakness of the technical aspects, not optimal animal health and livestock breeding program implementation. Therefore, through this contest Aher hope livestock breeders can use it as motivation to continue to produce quality breeding stock.

    "I urge all farmers in West Java and stakeholders to further develop creativity, increase population, production and reproduction with the development of germplasm, such as Coventry Ducks, Ducks Rambon, Pelung Chicken, Chicken Sentul, Sheep and Cattle Pasundan," he said.

    The whole potential of livestock plus Ducks Pajajaran who is currently in the process of determining the source of germplasm in Jabar, a superior animals when food security continues to be developed livestock sector will be achieved.

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