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    The Minister of Agriculture and The Minister of Trade Admire Indramayu Rice Centre



    INDRAMAYU-The Minister of Agriculture, Arman Sulaiman and Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita visit Indramayu regency, on Thursday (11/08/2016) at Losarang. During the visit, they really appreciate what was done by the Indramayu regency in making a proper Rice Centre which is quite represenative and could be a very clean rice processing to the category of premium rice.

    Minister of Agriculture explained, this is not the first time he visit Indramayu. This because according to him, the quality of Indramayu Rice is able to fulfill the Indonesian Food Stock. This is in contrast to other regions which each year the rice production is decreasing. Even Amran expects that Indramayu rice production could reach 1.5 million tons, when the production targets could be Achieved then the other aid could continue to flow into Indramayu.

    Besides being Able to produce enough rice, Indramayu regency Also has a commitment to create a food supply by building an operational Rice Centre which is ready to process premium quality rice.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita said, to support national food security involving the farmers in cooperation with the ministry to re-implement Bulog warehouse receipt system (RSG) for farmers. SRG is expected with the welfare of farmers could be guaranteed as they get certainty gabahnya selling price.

    Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah explained, Indramayu regency he leads continue to work hard to Achieve the rice production targets set by the central government. However, so not just production targets being pursued, more than it is expected to increase of rice production to be Directly proportional to the welfare of farmers in Indramayu.

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