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    Mimi Tumus Mask Must be Documented


    BANDUNG (11/8) - The masked dancer Mimi Tumus should be documented, even more it should be continued to be preserved. According to the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, Mimi Tumus, who is now 80 years old is a real masked dancers, who are now living as a masseur.
     "Her works must be documented at the very least, even if it is possible we must give her the chance to pass her skills to the young generation" said Demiz.
     According to Deddy Mizwar despite her old age and had not dancing for a very long time, but if on one occasion she started to dance again, her energy is still strong.
     "Just imagine, she had not dancing, but once there is a chance to dance, she will unleash her powerful energy. That means the passion is still inside her, and should be encouraged "explained Demiz.
     Mimi Tumus will be one of the performers in Gotrasawala in Cirebon. (Pun)

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