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    Netty Heryawan: Child Protection Must Walk Along with Struggle Spirit


    BANDUNG-Head of Women and Children Empowerment Integrated Service Center (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Heryawan said that the current conditions do not reflect the spirit of struggle, because there is still violence and abuse against children. It needs to be anticipated by the protection efforts and good parenting of parents on their children.

    It disclosed by Netty after attending the Commemoration of National Heroes Day at Gedung Sate, on Tuesday (10/11).

    "If it said as an emergency case, it must be agreed by the Provincial and City/Regency government, because it's important to have common understanding both in province and the City/Regency to shown the domino effect," she said.

    In the provincial level is only coordination by providing stimulus and appealing but the specific action is in the city/regency level. "So the emergency condition must be agreed according to the number or quantity type of violence. Because today there are  a lot of sexual perversion," she said.

    When the city/regency have the same understanding, there must be a follow-up example to make a child protection task force in every village and village.

    "To all West Java people, especially women, let us interpret the spirit of struggle, including the heroes's sacrifices to be implemented within ourselves and our families and provide protection to every rights in society," said Netty Heryawan.

    On this occasion, Head of the Women's Sports Association (Perwosi) West Java Province, Giselawati Mizwar told to all women in Indonesia, especially in West Java to be more passionate and willingness to learn as caregivers and educators of the next generation. Women should also have good performance.

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