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    The House of Representatives Deplored The Unsatifying Hajj Service



    BANDUNG-Indonesian Hajj pilgrims from throughout Indonesian regions had been departed since yesterday.

    However, The House of Representative Indonesian Hajj service is still unsatisfying and the organizers is not able to improve the management of Hajj which is considered unsatisfying.

    8 Commission Member of The Parliament, Sodik Mudjahid said, the hajj ministry there are still some issues occur include visa delays and thefleet grouping.

    According to Sodik, due to the grouping of the fleet that is not based on the city and districts would create difficulties for the pilgrims.

    "Since the visa is late the committee is forced to form an impromptu fleet contains pilgrims who already have their visa by not seeing the background of the city / districts so there is a husband and wife who are seperated," said Sodik on Tuesday (8/9). (Parno)

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