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    Paddy price is Lowered, but Rice Cost More



    BANDUNG-According to West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) during July 2016, the average price of wet paddy is Rp. 4200.00, - per kilogram, down 3.22 percent compared to June 2016 Rp. 4339.77.

    The same thing happened on dry unhusked rice which fell 1.63 percent from Rp. 5069.12, - to Rp. 4986.36, -per kilogram, while Low Quality Grain rose 5.22 percent from Rp. 3564.54, - to Rp. 3750.54, - per kilogram.

    "July 2016, the average price of rice is Rp. 9519.04 per kilogram, increasing 0.46 percent compared to the price of rice in June 2016 that was recorded at Rp. 9475.15, "explains Head of BPS Jabar Bachdi Ruswana.

    Based on the quality of rice grouped by fracture (broken) rice, Medium Rice up 1.35 percent from Rp. 9189.66 to Rp 9314.06, while the Premium Rice prices fell 1.05 percent from Rp, Rp 9957.24, 9853.06 likewise Low quality rice down 0.03 percent from Rp, Rp 8762.50, 8760.00. TGH

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