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    Aher Received an Awards of 190th LPSE Sector: Change the Procurement Paradigm


    JAKARTA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received the E-Procurement Award 2015 from Bappenas and Procurement Agency (LKPP) as Head Regional in the Electronic Procurement Transformation, in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11) afternoon. This event was located at Balai Sudirman, Jakarta.

    These award is the third for the governor, and also the sixth for West Java Provincial Government (Center for electronic procurement services/LPSE in Communication and Informatics Boards West Java Province since 2010 ago.

    Aher considered to have a strong leadership in the electronic tender process in West Java province. His innovation resulting efficiency of the budget procurement in West Java range of 13-18 percent per year. The award was given by the Minister of State and Head of Bappenas Sofyan Djalil and head of LKPP Agus Prabowo.

    "For us, the electronic service is a priority. After become the pilot project of Bappenas in 2008, we encourage cities and districts so that in 2010 it was 100 percent in West Java using this service," he said.

    West Java provincial government received an award of 631 LPSE in Indonesia. It has facilitated more than 445 thousand package amounted to Rp 996 trillion, with savings up to Rp 80 trillion.

    Tasikmalaya city also received the similar award, while Tasikmalaya District received awards for the implementation of Presidential Instruction No. 7 related to Procurement Transparency and Accountability.

    Aher emphasize, even though LPSE makes the procurement process of goods and services during this time running well, he remains expects the improvements of procurement system.

    "With LPSE everything is efficient, in 2015 there were savings of Rp 338 billion from the West Java budget. But we have asked the central government to not only frugal, but improved the quality," he said.

    According to him, the ‘cheap price’ approach impacted to the public service that not well guaranteed. The most important is the emphasis tender quality to price is reasonable.

    "Let us change our paradigm through this system approach, thus obtained is the best vendor with a reasonable price," he said.

    Aher recounts, in 2010 he protested by many parties due to the application of LPSE which considered capitalist-minded that opens space for any entrepreneur to participate in the tender.

    But finally all parties accept it because the local entrepreneurs in West Java could participate and it created a justice and equal opportunities for all parties.

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