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    Gotrasawala to be held in Cirebon



    BANDUNG-For the fourth time, Gotrasawala will be held in Cirebon, West Java, August 12 to 13, 2016. Vice Governor of West Java Mizwar Deddy said that Gotrasawala will be talking about The History of Tarumanegara, which belongs to one of the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. In addition, Demiz also stated that Gotrasawala should become an annual event that is able to raise the values ??of the culture of West Java to national or even international level.

    "Our history must be known internationally one of the agenda of Gotrasawala is inviting historians and cultural experts, as our efforts to introduce our culture and history to the international level. The kingdom exists in the 17th century and have already done Gotrasawala back then in Cirebon or it now known as an international conference by inviting the kings of the archipelago and Asia, to discuss cultural development "he said.

    The 4th Gotrasawala this year will also show a variety of performing arts which is a collaboration of traditional arts of West Java and abroad, namely from Africa.

    "There will be a collaboration of artists and artisans from Cirebon and Senegal Africa, in the form of musical performances and Kora Cirebonan sort of typical African harp. It is expected that this collaboration will generate something unique" he said. (PUN)

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