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    The Commemoration of The International Anti Narcotic Day 2016



    BANDUNG-The global situation of drug abuse in the world provides a quite alarming description. Based on the report of the World Drugs Report 2015 published by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs Crime - worldwide organization dealing with narcotics and crime), there were an estimated 246 million people (5.2% of the world population aged 15-64 years), or it can be said that one in every twenty people is ever to abuse drug.

    Meanwhile, drug abuse in the country is also quite troubling. Based on the data from BNN, the 2015 prevalence survey abusers of narcotics in Indonesia amounted to 2.20%, or more than 4 million people, consisting of abusers try to wear, irregular wear, and addicts.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that in tackling such situation, the Government together with the entire community should be more serious to fight drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Each individual is required to protect themselves and their environment from an early age from abuse and narcotics. In addition, the public is also required to be proactive in supporting the Government apparatus, by reporting suspicious actions related to the abuse and drug trafficking in the vicinity.

    "Mr. President Jokowi also stated unequivocally, that the abuse of drugs in the long term is potential to interfere with the competitiveness and progress of the nation. Therefore, the President stressed the importance of synergy across sectors in attempt to combat narcotics abuse," said Vice Governor Deddy on DThe Commemoration of The International Anti Narcotic Day 2016 at The West Courtyard of Gedung Sate, Tuesday (08/09/2016).

    The six things synergy across sectors are; First, the related sectors must move together, work together and eliminate sectoral ego. Secondly, declared war on the city and narcotics network, handling the law should be more hard-hitting on the tissue involved. Third, close all loopholes smuggling of narcotics, such as ports and airports. Fourth, Boost creative campaigns about the dangers of narcotics, especially for the younger generation. Fifth, tighten the prison monitoring. Sixth, addict rehabilitation programs should be more effective, so that the chain of drug abuse can be truly disconnected.

    "The circulation of new types of narcotics (New psychoactive Substances) are also increasingly prevalent. Nowadays NPS in the world amounted to 643 types of substances, and not entirely covered by the applicable law in each country. While the NPS that has entered into Indonesia today has amounted to 44 types substance. A total of 18 types of substances which have been stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Health, while 26 kinds of other substances still under discussion, "said Deddy.

    "From civil servants, public officials, law enforcement officers, students, young professionals, the artist, almost all of the various professions are ever to abuse drugs. So be cautious," he added.

    Meanwhile, the International Anti-Narcotics Day 2016 (HANI) is a form of concern towards the threat of narcotics abuse. The Commemoration theme is "Listen First: Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe" (Listen: listen to the inner voice of children and young people, is the first step to help them grow up healthy and safe from drug abuse). It contains philosophical meaning that the best strategy is prevention.

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