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    Masjid Teach The Values of Diversity



    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, Hidayat Nur Wahid asserted that the diversity of architecture and ornamentation of mosques in several regions in Indonesia is similar to the principle of Unity in Diversity, which despite having a different shape of the building, but has the same purpose which is to worship.

     "Like Unity, Although the building has different shape in architecture, they have the same goal. From the diversity of the mosque building, actually assert that Islam is able to capture the diversity in the community, "said alumnus Ponpes Modern Gontor this in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Saturday (6/8).

    The different style of the buildings, said Hidayat, different from the mosque in Turkey, the countries of the Middle East, East Asia, and Europe, which are relatively similar in architecture and ornamentation of the mosque.

    Therefore, Hidayat hopes that the values ??taught by the mosque, the Indonesian people can learn to live in congregation, rather than individualist. Due to the congregation, the people of Indonesia can correct the deviant ideologies, such as radicalism, terrorism, and liberalism and other ideologies that do not comply.

    "From the behavior of individualism had been able to make one radical and terrorism," he said.

    Thus, Hidayat hopes the mosque should not only be a place of prostration alone, but must be the center of all the activities to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR), especially to the younger generation.

    "The mosque should not only be a place of prostration, but also should be the center of all activities that are beneficial, especially for the younger generation and improve human resources," said Hidayat.

    Because with a lot of activity in the mosque, then the quality of the community will be better. "Conversely, if kept away by the mosque, people's lives will be completely dark, full of deviant behavior," added Hidayat.

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