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    Len Smart Kiosk Self-Service is Supporting Banking Performance



    BANDUNG (5/8) - PT Len Industri (Persero) and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. signed a joint venture of banking operations in terms of product development and services together for the ease of service to the community.
    The agreement was signed by The Director of Finance & HR of Len, Tri Andayani and Consumer Director of BRI, Sis Apk Wijayanto at auditorium - BRI Tower.
    Len is currently the world leader in electronic and ID card reader. The synergy of the two state-owned enterprises will create an integrated system with electronic ID card reader devices (KTP-el) is called a Smart Device Self Service Kiosk Banking is the result of development in PT Len Industri (Persero).
    "The presence of these devices can further facilitate and provide comfort and security of financial transaction throughout the prospective customer and BRI customers, particularly in the outposts of the country. We believe, in the future we can assist mechanism of financial transactions BRI to become more effective and efficient," said Tri Andayani in his speech.
    With this device the customer can conduct transactions complete and independent as the registration process, a transaction in cash and non-cash to various banks in Indonesia, payment transactions such as phone bills, electricity, etc.
    Excess Len Smart Kiosk Self-Service Banking different from other machines are able to provide a cash refund. In the case when the client wanted to transfer US $ 150,000, but the cash is owned two pieces of money USD 100,000, then when two notes are included, then Len Smart Kiosk will provide a return Rp 50,000.
    Simply by attaching ID card and fingerprint fingerprint scanner, the user can do a transaction to every national banks.
     This cooperation is the result of the increasingly good relations between Len and with BRI.
    For the long term, Len hopes to become a partner of the other banks in the development and implementation of products of high-tech applications. (PUN)
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