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    The President of Guinea Admire CN235-220



    BANDUNG - The President of Guinea Alpha Conde and his entourage see the production process in an aircraft production hangar which continued by a review into CN235-220 MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) in front of the Delivery Center hangar of PT DI.

    President Alpha Conde expressed his Admiration for Indonesia as a country that was once a Dutch colony can now produce the aircraft just like the Western countries. He also hopes to follow in the footsteps of Burkina Faso and Senegal to buy CN235 aircraft.

    "We hope that after Burkina Faso and Senegal, Guinea would be one of the clients of this company," said Alpha Conde. President of Guinea are excited to inquire in detail the technical specifications, price and delivery time for CN235-220. Also He Expressed a fascination with Reviews their neighboring countries namely Senegal who have already purchased and will get CN235 this year.

    The visit is expected to regain the confidence of the country in order to buy back CN235 or NC212i of PTDI. Besides CN235, President of Guinea Also terkarik for the procurement of the Super Puma helicopter, but now sales PTDI only for the Indonesian market, so that when the President of Guinea are interested to buy, PT DI will coordinate with Airbus Helicopters.

    PTDI greatly appreciate the support that has been given by the Ambassador to Dakar, Mansyur Pangeran the which has helped market the product PTDI in African countries. jo

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