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    It Takes a Good Coordination to Resolve Environmemtal Issue



    KARAWANG- The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said that the in order to resolve environmental issue, especially regarding river contamination, it requires a good multiparty communication.

    Deddy said that all of the programmes or strategies that has been implemented by all parties are good, but the problem lies in the synergy and coordination.

    "The problem of this nation is a communication problem. Every parties going seperate ways with their own vision," said Deddy on Saturday (06/08/2016).

    "When it comes to mapping, we're good at doing it. we are also committed to each programme. The problem is to synergise all of these movement," he said.

    Through West Java River Congress, it is expected that there will be a river management concept based on participation involving all stakeholders as a civil society movement. The congress entitled 'Sawala Wahangan' (discussion about the river), which also became the theme of the congress, is also a means to formulate concepts that will be taken to the 2nd Congress of Indonesian river, in Malang on 20 to 24 August 2016.

    On this occasion, Deddy said that according to his observations, of the various environmental discussions that he ever attended, the involvement of the enterpreneur is still scarce.

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