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    Goes To International Film Festival


    BANDUNG-Non-mainstream indie film played a full day at the Institut Français d'Indonésie (IFI) Bandung on Saturday. The film played is not just indie film, but the film that has gained recognition from international filmmakers.

    As a local partner, Bandung Film Council (BFC) and the Institut Français d'Indonésie (IFI) Bandung believed collectively as the driving of collaborative screening event at the Indonesian Film Festival.

    The screenings presented because of the collectively initiative of the cooperation with IFI in Indonesia to conduct screenings of non-mainstream films in various cities in Indonesia, including in
    Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

    "At least the Indonesian Film Goes To International Film Festival is proof that filmmakers in this country has been able to produce quality works that had achievement in the film festival abroad, and it’s not like the public perception which underestimate of the Indonesian film," said Coordinator of Bandung Film Council Sofyana Ali Bindiar.

    He said indie film be appreciated by other country, and it has been encouraging local filmmakers to create other works in order to host in his own home.

    This alternative screening event is an appreciation for their works to be enjoyed by the public, in addition can also be a form of education for young cinematographer-filmmaker in Bandung through quality films. Both in terms of technical and content of story ideas that not monotonous.

    Film that will be screened at the event, are The Fox Exploits The Tigers Might that in this year succeed through the Cannes Film Festival. Then the short-film such as Following Diana (Toronto International Film Festival), Kisah Cinta yang Asu (Busan Internasional Film Festival) and Rocket Rain (Karlovy Vary Internasional Film Festival).

    He said in the spirit of National Heroes Day on 10 November, this event is also trying to create a spirit in the battle of ideas in the competitive world.

    BFC as the film organisation in Bandung want to make their film work as a carriage driving other creative industries in order to collect ideas, discuss, so that all the elements in a film can have a significant impact, not only capital profits, but also mutual assistance in creating a masterpiece. Further than that, film could become a propaganda tool, culture introduction, and raised local issues in a forms of film media.

    "The filmmakers is a warrior culture that must be supported through appreciation to their work," he said.

    According to him, it is possible that the appreciation of alternative screening or anti-mainstream outside the cinema network can provide a lot of inspiration and stimulate the creation of ideas.


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