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    Hajj Regulation Will Separate Regulator and Executor



    BANDUNG-The Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VIII Sodik Mudjahid emphasized in the discussion of the revision of the Law on the organization of Hajj, that one of the revised chapter is the separation between the regulatory agency and executor in the organization of Hajj in Indonesia. It was revealed by Sodik in Bandung on Thursday (4/8).

    "We are continue to discuss the revision and the most fundamental step is to be seperate between the regulatory agencies and executioner, in this case the Ministry of Religion, and the institution of organizier or the executor," said Sodik.

    Separation of the agency will make the organization of Hajj more professional and accountable, so that the services can be improved.

    "It's for the sake of our Hajj pilgrims. All this time, the regulator and executor is the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The organizers can later be formed with the good professional people in the field of travel and worship services "said Sidik. (PUN)

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