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    Batik and Weaving are Aimed for German and Japanese Markets



    BANDUNG-Germany and Japan are very interested in woven fabrics and batik products of Indonesia.

    "Germany can become a potential market of weaving. They are interested in Bali, Padang, Palembang, and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) weaving," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maxxindo, Desay Savitri Devi, at Nexa Hotel, Jl. Supratman, Bandung on Thursday (4/8).

    Desay stated that the demand of weaving from European country is quite high. One of the many factors is probably due to cold weather conditions. No wonder, she said. The situation has became an opportunity that should be utilized optimally.

    Unfortunately weaving artisans has several problems to penetrate global markets, particularly Europe. "The craftsmen demand a full exhibition in Europe. Therefore, She hopes that the government is more intense in facilitating the artisans," she said.

    Desay said that so far, European countries also interested in Indonesian batik. Among the european countries are Netherlands and Belgium. Not only the two countries, there are also Asian countries which can be our potential markets namely Japan.

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