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    The Performance of Motekar Personnel Should be Improved



    BANDUNG-The Family Resilience Motivator (Motekar) experienced a management improvement.

    This improvement required the motivators should already been married and have children.

    For those who is single, their membership is going to be delayed.

    This was stated by The Chairman of West Java P2TP2A, Ny. Hj Netty Prasetyani, in the event of Motekar motivator development in Sariksa Satata Building, Siliwangi Rindam Building, Jl. Manado, on Thursday (4/8).

    If this conditions is not fulfilled, it is possible that the members will not understand and appreciate the problems faced by children and women.

    Cases of violence mostly caused by the absence of the mother in the family as a bastion of the family.

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