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    Aher: Increasing Penetration of Local Mass Media


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) ask the local mass media in West Java to increase penetration and influence.

    It will be driven in three ways. First, the West Java provincial government will coordinate with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to ask statutes of advertising agencies and advertisers to allocate 20% of its budget for the local mass media in West Java.

    Second, the West Java provincial government will coordinate with the Regional KPI for the expansion of the local television broadcasting power is divided into two zones with a minimum of half the coverage of West Java Province.

    "Third, we are asking the local media in West Java to be greater in the national level. I am not willing, if Sunda as second largest ethnic group in Indonesia have no great mass media and professional," he said in Bandung on Monday (9/11), in Tasyakur Bin ni'mat 16th Galamedia and Media Visit to Bandung TV.

    According to Aher, West Java have the largest quantity of mass media in Indonesia. Especially the number of local television and radio, that ownership and permissions broadcast frequency is the largest in Indonesia.

    Data from KPID West Java province, until the first semester of 2015, there were 311 FM radio frequency channel and 221 have been operating in FM Radio, 12  in Radio AM, 13 in local public radio, 141 licensed community radio and 152 community radio licensed soon. While the television are allocated to 44 local TV, 1 public TV, 4 communities TV, and 12 subscription TV.

    “Things to be emphasized is the intake of promotion and business aspect should be increased. Therefore, please give some inputs in terms of legal and technical, how the advertisers in Jakarta could be exposed to liability of 20% advertise in TV Local," he said.

    Penetration of the local media, especially television, asked to be extended because the majority are still in regional with limited spread.

    "At least it covered half of provincial coverage, and better throughout the province. So when the governor, military commander, Chief of Police give a speech can be spread effectively and efficiently," he said.

    Aher stressed, the content should can be from everywhere, including from abroad. But local content should remains be shown, so the expansion of distribution coverage becomes important.

    "Remember, if there used to be a hadith, Inna bayyani sihro, stated that a speech able to bewitch, but the context is different now. The bewitching now is mass media through the writing and content able to bewitch hundreds of millions people,” he concluded.


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