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    The Importance of Media Literacy



    BANDUNG-In the gathering event of West Java PRSSNI on Wednesday (03/08), The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that all forms of mass media is rapidly developing from within the society.

    The Vice Governor appealed to the community of West Java should be cautious when using social media, because if they use the social media recklessly, it would result in a conflict.

    "When talking about social media, people is free to talk about everything they want to talk about and sometimes, some people also post inappropriate matterials which can be read or seen by everybody. Therefore, there is always potential for a conflict to be triggered," he said.

    Furthermore, The Vice Governor said that mass media, especially the broadcasting radios should inform the community about mass media literacy.

    "Media literacy is needed in order to eliminate the negative effect of mass media. Through media literacy, the community will then be able to select only the positive impact of mass media," said the Vice Governor. (PARNO)

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