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    9 Countries are Taking Part in Jabar Asean Cooperative Summit 2016



    BEKASI CITY-At the peak of the commemoration of National Cooperatives Day(Harkop) 69th, The Government of West Java through the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs exhibited various featured products involving nine countries in Asean. The event was held in Bekasi Town Square, Pengasinan, Rawalumbu,Bekasi on Tuesday (08.02.16).

    These nine Asean countries are Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Laos. While the number of participants in this exhibition event reached 1,787 people and 87 cooperatives and 100 participants, coming from nine ASEAN countries.

    The involvement of these countries as part of economic integration that prevail at this time that the Asean Economic Community (AEC), in which the ASEAN countries have become a single market once production base flow of goods, services, capital, investment, and labor.

    To that end, in the era of competition MEA which has been in force since 2015 ago, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) were present at the event revealed that the cooperative as the pillar (backbone) of the national economy should be a pemerata the local economy, so that our society does not will not compete with other countries. However, Aher also lamented the condition of the current economic growth is not matched by the prevalence of social welfare.

    "Cooperation is the best way to bring prosperity and build a community together," said Aher in his speech.

    "Nowadays there is a disease to every developing countries, including our country may be hit by this disease. It is the presence of well-being, but uneven economic growth," said Aher.

    Aher was explained, the cooperative could be a solution for this community economic equality. Aher considered that cooperatives are a small part of the economy today, the cooperative could be great with the strength of its members.

    "Cooperative is not a small affair. This paradigm is wrong, it is small but when funds are collected from people it will be such a big fund," said Aher.

    At the peak of the Commemoration of National Cooperative Day the 69th  The Governor also symbolically awarded to cooperatives, as well as handed "Kredit Cinta Rakyat" (KCR) from Bank BJB. The award is given include: cooperative leaders excel in provincial level, provincial-level cooperative achievement (the category of women's cooperatives, cooperative real sector category, and the category of cooperative student / student).

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