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    West Java Governor Targeted BJB in Top of 12 in 2016


    BANDUNG-Bank Jabar Banten (BJB) targeted of the top 12 in the large national banks in Indonesia. It beyond the number of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) banking, more of that becoming the best provincially owned company (BUMD) banking for the elite group.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) as the BJB controlling shareholder said this target is realistic with reference to the achievement until the third quarter of this year.

    "If the position now is in 14th rank nationally, but look at the performance of BJB who actually survive and rise, likely the net income in 2015 is higher than last year. It is duly for BJB to be on the top of 12 or 13 nationally. Insha Allah, there is an increase,” he said in Surabaya on Saturday (7/11).

    According to him, the performance of BJB already surpassed the state and enterprise banking and also private banking as BTN and BTPN. The provincially owned company (BUMD) has been more robust to be the best in recent years.

    In the records in 2014 ago, BJB recorded a net profit of Rp 1,120 trillion, with total assets reached Rp 75.8 trillion. BJB Bank's total assets increased by 6.9 percent (year on year). In addition to assets, the growth also occurs in third-party funds (DPK) of Rp 57.7 trillion, an increase of 15.5 percent.
    From the credit side, the red plates bank grew by 9.5 percent, with total loans reached Rp 49.6 trillion. One credit enhancement backed consumer credit growth of 16.4 percent or equivalent to Rp 33.5 trillion.

    Various constraints since the beginning of this year, as the phenomenon of slowing economic growth, inflation and the increase in the BI rate, the banking industry and fierce competition, it makes BJB performance increases.

    Managing Director of BJB Ahmad Irfan explained that per October 29, 2015, in the third quarter/2015, BJB posted a net profit of Rp 864 billion, up 20.6% year on year. The largest contributor to earnings derived from net interest income grew 8.4% and fee based income (growing 46.4%).

    With the increasing corporate profits, total assets of Bank BJB on September 30, 2015 are also increased by 21.5% to reach Rp 95.6 trillion. The largest contribution came from the increase in third party fund (DPK) by 26.8% to Rp 81.9 trillion.

    Situation per the third quarter of 2015 can not be separated from the stable net interest margin at a level of 6%, and management of operating expenses and a decrease in NPL is 3.5%.

    Ahmad Irfan said consumer credit is still dominate the portfolio of loans disbursed Bank BJB throughout the quarter III/2015. Of the total loans disbursed during the period which reached Rp 54.5 trillion, the composition of consumer loans reached Rp 37.2 trillion.

    Consumer credit growth continues to increase reaching 13.8% compared to the same period in the previous year. Under these conditions contributed to the overall growth of the credit portfolio BJB. Consumer credit will continue to be maintained as a BJB captive market.

    Management Appreciation

    Heryawan added, it is very appreciated the management under the leadership of Managing Director Ahmad Irfan who newly hired since December 2014. Underneath the control of the company was considered to be solid so that can reap the achievements in the global economic slowdown phase.

    "If the profit rises, it proved the better performance, I see it as an increase in managerial capacity. Previously, the solidity management is not as strong like now," he said.

    This situation also makes the expansion of the service station could return BJB aggressive is passed, after temporarily stopped some time ago. With the expansion of earlier, then the national target of reaching the top of 12 will be pushed itself.

    Heryawan confirmed, he is very encouraging BJB to support the government cope the weakening of economic growth. Namely to accelerate infrastructure needs and absorption of APBN/APBD in corporate and commercial lending which grew of 27.6% compared to the same period in the previous year.


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