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    People's Economy is Not a Low Class Economy



    BANDUNG-Do not take people's economy as a low level economy or a micro economy. The true definition of people's economy is a system of economy which is ruled by the people for their own goodness and welfare. As stated by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan during the commemoration of national cooperation day the 69th in Bekasi on Tuesday (2/8).

    "If someone still assume that people's economy is a small scale economy, it is a big mistake. It is an economic system that is ruled by the people," He explained.

    Aher said that if there is a million acres of land and most of it is managed by the people, and just little part of it that is managed by the private company in cooperation with the people, that is what we call the people's economy.

    "The bigger portion of the land is managed by the people, but still they are in cooperation with a private company in a small scale so that the people gain more benefit," he said.

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