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    PB PON and Musicians Launched a Compilation Album



    BANDUNG-Marketing and Operating Funds (PDU) of PB PON Peparnas XIX and XV / 2016, under the command of Hening Widiatmoko launched a compilation album. The launching event was held in West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22 Bandung on Monday afternoon (01.08.16).
    The Compilation album is an evidence that PON XIX and XV Peparnas is not confined to only the sporting community, but belongs to all elements of society, including the music, art and culture society.
    In addition, it is also as a form of West Java accountability towards the title of "The Land of Legend" a place where creation and creativity are born. This compilation album will become something that makes PON different from any other sporting event, because it can be regarded as the first sporting event compilation album ever made.
    The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar who attended this launching expressed his appreciation to PDU and the artists or musicians involved in the making of this album. He said that this is as a form of commitment and real contributions from the artists, especially artists from West Java for the success of PON and Peparnas 2016 in West Java, and motivating athletes of West Java in the biggest sporting event in Indonesia.
    "They (the artists) create a song as a form of expression and a real contribution towards PON. This need to be appreciated and it is an attempt to combine some songs from various artists whose background is different,  into a single album which contains ll genres, "said The vice Governor after the launching event.
    A series of band names involved in the making of this compilation album, namely The Changcuters, T-Five, The Titans, Five Minutes, D'Mojang, Idea Saparakanca, Dhira Bongs, Mono Stereo, Dwiki Dharmawan, Doel Sumbang, Bandung Rock Anthem (Yukie Band, Ink Rosemary, Otong Koil, Risa Sarasvati, Suar Nasution, Trisno Pas Band, Beetle Don Lego, Agnes Ovilia "NAVL", Andi Bachrie Volta, Uus Aftercoma, Denny Mplay Utopia).
    And a song called "Mentari" which created by Iwan Rachman (Abah Iwan) is chosen as the song to be sung by Iwan Rachman along Bandung Pisan Musician (MBP) consistsing of 27 singers, namely: Trie Utamie, Dany Java Jive, Erlan Wachdach, Rieka Roslan , Reza 'The Groove', Budi Abuy 'The Time Bomb Blues', Mira & Ijoel, Queen, Early, Yuyu Koswara, Netta Kusuma Dewi, Candil, Lia & Lea, Boim, Bob Dalton, Ari Mari'fat, IyooQ & Uchie KSP, Dira Sugandhi, Tiwi Shakuhachi, Zaki '4 pin', Rizky 'The Titans', Gita Gartina 'Vocal Director', and Ajat 'Music Director'. The song is chosen because the song has a deep meaning, about the essence of fighting spirit, and tolerance.
    "I think this song become popular among the community, it could also be of encouragement to support West Java Contingent to become the winner of PON XIX and Peparnas XV in 2016," said the Vice Governor who is also The Vice Chairman of PB PON XIX and Peparnas XV / 2016.
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