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    Aher: Creative Economy is Filled by Knowledge


    BANDUNG-According to Aher, the creative economy is a knowledge-intensive industry, so it took three main prerequisites empower them. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the first requirement is created a quality education.

    "Education must be improved and enhanced continuously, only knowledge and strong understanding will trigger a big idea," he said in front of hundreds participants of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) in Surabaya, along with other speakers such as the Chairman of the Creative Economy Triawan Munaf, Banyuwangi regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, and others.

    The second requirement is a powerful technology. China for example that become the largest fish production in the world even though the potential of fisheries in the fifth rank. China able to dashed due to of maximise the technology. Conversely Indonesia, as the largest fisheries in the world only in fifth ranks in the world.

    "In the context of West Java, I pointed out China can move forward because they have mastered the technology in the shallow seas. They could enjoy tuna even though in thousands of miles away, but Indonesian is still difficult to enjoy it though only 12 miles to the location of the tuna," he explained.

    A China large ship have a fish processing machine, so when they got to the mainland, the fish are already in the package.

    The third prerequisite is a relatively strong capital, if all three are united, the creative economy will run by itself.

    "If it is able to combine, for example of a successful creative economy in Bandung. When the elections processing in Indonesia, the props mostly from Bandung," he said.

    Even though the contribution of the creative economy in regional gross domestic product only 2.5% -6%, or still far below the 40% processing industry, but it is believed to be increasingly enlarged.

    Aher is not hesitate to invite young people becoming wealthy businessman in creative economy. Because, 9 from 10 special companions of the Prophet is a real entrepreneur who empowering their environment.

    "Do not forget that the Apostle after built a mosque then migrated to Medina, the second month He build a market. The economy is very important, particularly nationalist economies," he said.

    According to him, the primary nationalism is really empowering all commodities in upholding independence. Nationalist entrepreneurs should be able to maintain from dependence of abroad.

    "Indonesia's biggest import is foodstuffs, not the computer and automotive. So let’s be a businessman who cares food sovereignty, by making the less workforce than jobs as happened in South Korea," he concluded.


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