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    Vice Governor: YPK Will Continue to be Public Expression Space



    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar conducted a dialogue with some artists that belongs to West Java "Jeprut" Cultural Council (DKJJB) in the Building of Cultural Center Foundation(YPK), Jl. Naripan Bandung, on Monday (01.08.16). These artists are taking their tops off in protest to the government which they considered unconcerned about the development of art and culture in West Java.
    During this dialog, The Vice Governor also emphasized that West Java provincial government will continue to make YPK building as a public space, especially to become the place where the artists can express and shed their creativity.
    "Please, make use of the buildings. It is a public space and it is meant to be the place for you to express your creativity," said The Vice Governor during the dialogue.
    The Vice Governor confirmed this to answer the artists despondent about the seriousness of West Java province in developing art and culture in West Java, particularly related to the rear part of the building which is already collapsed.
    He also committed to support the activities of the artists through the construction of various facilities and infrastructure, such as building an international art building and keep pushing districts / cities in West Java in order to have an appropriate art building.
    "It will remain a public space. Any community that wants to do a certain activity in the building simply by coordinate with Taman Budaya as the building manager," said the Deputy Governor.
    This dialogue was deliberately organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java as a means to discuss and get input from the community, especially the artists. In this dialogue also revealed that according to the artists, the Cultural Council of West Java (DKJB) chaired by Ganjar Kurnia is not giving any change to the development of arts and culture in West Java.
    "What we protest is two things, first is the collapsing rear part of the building. Secondly, DKJB who do not learn from the previous process," said Tisna Senjaya on behalf of  West Java Jeprut Cultural Council.
    "What we want after the reform is to make a good system, do not rush us to create a program, do not rush us to appoint people. Let us learn from the previous mistakes," said Tisna in the presence of The Vice Governor and The Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Ida Hernida.
    According Tisna, as the current generation must inherit a good system for our children and grandchildren in the future, including in art and culture. "What will be inherited by our children and grandchildren if we do not pass on a good system or legalization that is generated from the discussion process of the artist and citizens," continued Tisna.
     DKJB is established by the provincial government in March 2015. The council contains 21 artists, and practitioners from various fields. Vice Governor said, there has been a misunderstanding of the public and also artists about DKJB. DKJB is there to be a community in which artists can discuss and give each other feedback on the progress of not only art and culture, but also a variety of other areas of life.
    "There is no intention to cover anything, especially related to art and culture. So according to my observation, this communication space is not created at all," said The Vice Governor.
    Next year, The Government of West Java will improve and build the YPK building in order to become an appropriate public space and an art gallery.
    "We will re-build the YPK building next year," said Deputy Governor.
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