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    The New Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Must Have a Clear Energy Sovereignty Road Map



    BANDUNG-President Jokowi, Friday (29/7), has a request for the new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arcandra Tahar. He should immediately realize the Energy sovereignty within a short period. he President hopes that the new minister is having a clear Energy Sovereignty road map. The message is disclosed by the House of Representatives Commission VII member Rofi Munawar, in a release received by jabarprov.go.id on Monday (1/8).

    Furthermore, Rofi said that it can be done by building energy based on the nation potential so it capable of providing optimal and sustainable benefits. Therefore, the Minister needs to work real hard in order to realise it.

    "Energy sovereignty becomes a commitment that is often heard as a promise of every government and almost all of the Minister. But ironically often times that commitment is only as a mere jargon and political commitment," he said.

    Almost more than a decade, Indonesia has become a net importer of oil and gas, and at the same time, Indonesian mineral commodities and coal are exported without any significant improvement of the quality ??(non smelter). On the other hand, the improvement of national electrification is stalled and running real slow. That's because the mixed energy is still dominated by fossil resources, as well as the construction of power plants that are still stuck on populist programs.

    "Every year our oil and gas needs increasing, but our national production continued to decrease while our oil and gas import is increasing. As long as there is no creative breakthrough, discovery of new wells and incentives technology, national energy sovereignty is still far from what was expected," he said.

    Rofi explained that the general road map for the development of new renewable energy (EBT) is still far from expectations. In fact, there are enough regulations issued to accelerate the implementation of it.

    "Therefore, it is important to make EBT program as a top priority in order to become the backbone of energy sovereignty," he concluded.

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