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    20 Highscool Students of North Sulawesi Participated in SMN in West Java



    BANDUNG-A total of 20 students / high school / vocational school included students from special schools of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi) Participated in "Siswa Mengenal Nusantara" programme (SMN) in West Java. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar open and giving knowledge to students in Papandayan room Gedung Sate, Monday (1/8).
    Deddy Mizwar appreciates the programme and thinks that this is a positive thing for the younger generation amid the massive illicit trafficking, physical violence, psychological and sexual abuse that occurred among the younger generation, a serious threat to the survival of this nation, so that this kind of activity according to Vice Governor can be held more than once a year.
     "It's very positive to get to know the archipelago is very important. Knowing clearly the natural wealth, its natural resources as well, including human resources also need to be recognized. People who live in this universe has a different culture in each region," said The Vice Governor.
     "And this is what increases our tolerance, mutual respect, so as to avoid us from unnecessary divisions. The diversity of the archipelago it is a necessity, do not need to be homogenized in fact," he added.
    The program is held by eight state-owned enterprises in West Java in order to foster a young generation of character with the national vision and the archipelago.
     After the opening ceremony, the Director of Human Resources of PT PN III Seger Budiardjo said twentieth student / student is the result of the selection made by the relevant provincial Education Department. It is hoped that through this activity they can understand a wide range of artistic and cultural potential of the archipelago which vary from one region to another, and could be a provision for them in studying and planning his future.
     "The main purpose of this programme is to get to know the potential of the diversity, the resources that exist in other provinces," said Seger.
     "So as they returning to the place of their origin, they can understand how the diversity in the archipelago. Indonesia is so extraordinary. There are some diversity, potential, cultural traditions," he added.
     This year is the second year of the SMN. They will participate in various activities, such as visits various locations of art, culture, and tourism in West Java for five days.
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