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    Bandung Community is Now Able to Enjoy a Highspeed Internet Package Up To 1GB/s



    BANDUNG-The Director of Business and Enterprises (EBIS) Telkom, Muhammad Awaluddin, along with The Executive Manager of West Java Telkom, I Ketut Budi Utama, visited Grand Asrilia Hotel and SMPN 44 Bandung to inspect the implementation of Smart Office Pro starter pack for prepaid GIGAPRO SIM card in Bandung on August 1, 2016.

    This opens the possibility for a even faster internet service package up to 20GB/s (GigaSeries). Each of the package will be given its own brand name.

    This is implemented in order to give the element of surprise to the cunsument and market towards the Ultra Broadband service provided by Telkom Indonesia. So that in the future, there will be a post-sales programme implemented on Smart office Pro product all across Telkom Regional 1 starting on August 2016.

    Through this service, it is expected that this Ultra Broadband Service will become the solution for Grand Asrilia Hotel to fulfill the needs of internet access for each room.

    "This Giga Pro will spoil the hotel guests with high speed internet access," said Awaluddin.

    It is hoped that the superiority of the products will be the parameter for the consumer to stay in Grand Asrilia Hotel.

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