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    The Regional Millitary Command III/Siliwangi Invites The People of West Java To Always be United



    BANDUNG-Indonesia once again saddened by the destruction of a monastery in Tanjung Balai by some irresponsible people who deliberately exaggerate a small problem.

    Regarding the matter, the Third Regional Millitary Commander commands his entire army to go directly onto the field and invite all public figures, religious figures, youth figures, and everyone to get united and work as a team in resolving the problem around their region.

    "We have to show the world that Indonesia can be united in diversity," He said.

    Meanwhile, in order to follow up the command of the Third Regional Commander,  in Kodim 0618 / BS, Dandim 0618 / BS has stirred Every Babinsa under his command to immediately strengthen the security of places of worship in Bandung Region and it is not only conducted by the Babinsa, but also from the National Police institution, Linmas District and even to Sunday (31/7) night, the people are together interchangeably maintain the security of the monastery.

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