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    Kemenpupera is Expecting The Active Involvement of The Private Companies



    BANDUNG-Member House of Representatives Commission V Sigit Sosiantomo hope the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kemenpupera) actively engage the private sector so as to reduce the burden on the state budget.

    The need for the proposed 2017 budget of the ministry to the Commission V is Rp 157.3 trillion. In fact, there are only indicative ceiling of Rp 106.8 trillion. Thus, there is a shortage of budget (backlog) of more than Rp 50 trillion.

    "I think this is our common vision of how to put the private sector to help the government, because not everything can be included in the state budget," Sigit said in a press release received by jabarprov.go.id on Saturday (30/7).

    Sigit pointed out, the construction of wastewater treatment program to serve 130 500 households and the construction of garbage disposal system to serve 2.9054 million households could involve the private sector, so that the dependence on the state budget can be reduced.

    "Wastewater treatment is an attractive business, a lot of people who want to manage waste, even going to be a very prospective future," he said.

    Therefore, Sigit hope that the development program as it does not need to be handled by the state budget in light of the budget shortfall. It also includes the construction of garbage disposal system, because it is an attractive business and many people who also want to be involved.

    Involving the private sector in this important development, Sigit, lest the private sector would not go in thinking has been addressed by the Government through the state budget. The hospitality of the investment, in particular an absolute national investment made by the Government.

    "What is important, in this case the Government Secretariat Kemenpupera make regulations with strict regulations, but with the assurance that if there is a waste water business in a particular area who want to be served by Kemenpupera no guarantee one year two years running their business," he concluded. (ADI)


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