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    Batik More Worthy Included In The Draft Law Culture


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the Commission X of the House of Representatives, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari argues that batik more worthy into the draft Law of Culture as one of the national culture than Kretek that has created controversy. It is said Kharis at the Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (2/10).

    "Compared Kretek, batik clearly is better included the draft law of culture which is currently being discussed by the DPR," said Kharis.

    National Batik Day which commemorated today (2/10), according to Kharis is momentum to lift the nation's identity in their own country and internationally.

    "Batik need to be protected, preserved its existence, and was promoted to the entire people of Indonesia and the world International," said this PKS politicians.

    In the past, batik known and developed by the community on the island of Java only. Now almost all provinces and districts/cities in Indonesia has their own batik motif.

    "This is the treasure of wealth and cultural diversity that beautify the Indonesia in the eyes of the world. I invite all the people in Indonesia, to preserve batik as a cultural nation," said Kharis in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (2/10) afternoon. 


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