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    Vaccine Counterfeiting Case is Requested to be Solved Through Legal Procedures



    BANDUNG-The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Thursday (28/7), have established 25 members of the Supervisory Team for Vaccines Counterfeiting derived from 10 factions cross commission. Teams set out in the Plenary Meeting of the 34th Session of 2015-2016 and serves to ensure the issue of Vaccines Counterfeiting will not be repeated and can be resolved.

    "For the PKS faction of Parliament, we will encourage this team to cooperate with the Criminal Investigation Police to investigate down to the roots. The government together with the Parliament is requested handle this issue properly and to make sure that this case will never be repeated in the future," explained a member of faction Parliament RI, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (29/7).

    The case of vaccine counterfeiting, said Ansory is classified as an extraordinary crime (extraordinary crime). Because including an extraordinary crime, the offender, including hospitals and their doctors, midwives, as well as manufacturers of the vaccines, is the major offenders.

    "Since they do false immunizations to infants. The rule babies become immune to a disease, this was not, for reasons fake vaccines, "he said.

    The perpetrators of these fake vaccines as well as dealers, in clear violation of the Constitution, namely Article 28 H paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution that every person has the right to live physical and spiritual prosperity, reside, and get a good environment and healthy and receive medical care. In addition to 1945, the perpetrators, whether dealers or users, fake vaccines violated Law No. 36 of 2009 on Health and Law No. 44 Year 2009 on Hospitals. "So a lot of the laws that have been violated from this extraordinary crime" he said.

    Therefore, the team of vaccine counterfeiting supervisory will ensure supervision ranging from upstream to downstream level, both of which are government policy and appeals to the public. "The price of the vaccine is expensive but that does not mean it is better. So, once again, we call out to a lot of people are looking for information in order to obtain accurate information about this fake vaccines. Mothers should continue to communicate to the Ministry of Health, BPOM RI, as well as the House of Representatives Commission IX, "concludes Ansory.


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