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    Kabayan Would Become an Animated Character



    BANDUNG-Si Kabayan will become an animated movie characters. According to Deddy Mizwar, The Vice Governor of West Java, on Friday (29/7), he had to build communication with digital animation community in Jakarta and Bandung, to realize the plan.

    "we will try to make Kabayan an animated films. I've establish communication with the animation community in Bandung and Jakarta to realize the plan, hopefully in the near future the project can be realized "he said.

    This project, according to Deddy Mizwar is expected to explore the potential of local stories at the same time to explore the potential of West Java Animator.

    "We have a great animators, it's just not optimally explored yet. For example in the Cimahi, Baros Creative Information Technology (BITC), are now often get orders for animation and even from abroad "explains Demiz.

    Furthermore, Deddy said that in today's digital era it is time we become producers and not only a consumers. (PUN)

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