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    Aher Guarantees None of PON Venue Delayed and Abandoned


    BANDUNG-As the host of the National Sports (PON) XIX and Peparnas XV in 2016, West Java Provincial Government prepares the budget to Rp 3 trillion, so the venue of this event is guaranteed on time and not abandoned.

    At the signing of the City Budget Priorities and the Tentative Budget Platform (KUA-PPAS) in the West Java Parliament Building, on Friday (6/11), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) explain detailed that most of the funds are used for supporting infrastructure such as of road access to the venue and venue itself. According to him, the existing development beyond the interests of PON and Peparnas, and it would give the benefits the community significantly.

    "We build the venue and road, where public will get the benefits from this development of infrastructure. The financing of the next PON 2016 needed more of Rp 3 trillion," he said.

    "Rp 1 trillion for implementation, Rp 2 triliun and more to build the roads, infrastructure, and build the venues," he added.

    The fund is projected to build a venue where the development in the range of 85 to 90% on December 2015. The rest will be completed on January to June 2016 with focus on the finishing touch and installation of equipment.

    He admitted that the originally construction was quite slow due to of concerns the criminalisation of policy. Automatic, it can not be done at high speed, so it taken the middle process that relatively moderate.

    Related to the venue quality, Aher sure all facilities that built will be used by the public. so he was sure none of the venues will be abandoned. "Guaranteed none venue will be abandoned!" said Aher.

    Aher optimist that PON will increase the potential of creative economy in the region. Especially in Bandung, which has been running well.

    "Every weekend, creative product in Bandung invaded by Malaysia and Brunei tourist as well as local tourists from Jakarta. They are still willing jammed in Bandung every weekend to pursue the appeal of the creative economy," he added.

    Aher optimist the attention of market will be more festive. The pace of economic development (LPE) in Bandung particularly, and West Java in general will be better.

    "The economic growth of Bandung was very high, averaging 8 to 10% per year. West Java itself  around 5.03%, while household consumption depressed while government spending was lower in the beginning of the year. PON will make LPE increased due to creative economy, especially in the garment and culinary industry will be invaded by the participants and the contingent,” he concluded.


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