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    Indonesian Boy Scout and BJB Initiate Boy Scout KTA Programme



    BANDUNG-Indonesian Boy Scout and BJB make new breakthrough by initiating a saving programme. The programme is known as Boy Scout KTA programme co-branding the BJB ATM card.

    It was revealed during the press conference held in the office of West Java Regional Boy Scout Squadrons on Thursday (28/7). During the press conference, the Vice chairman, Epul,  said that the programme is actually a follow up from the Mou that has been signed by the General Manager of BJB and the Chairman of West Java Regional Boy Scout Squadrons on the last 2015.

    This programme aims to achieve: recording the potential of West Java Boy Scout Members as well as introducing the member to save their money in the bank since an early age. Among the offered variety of saving programme are BJB Simple, "BJB Tabunganku", and "BJB Tandamata".

    The saving programme will bring so many benefit for the Boy Scout organisation. First, BJB is having a complete soft copy of the data regarding the potential of the organisation which later in the future can hel the organisation to make a decision.

    Second, saving their operational and investment money as they do not need to have their own server database and the data input officer as well as getting a financial aid for every Rp 5.000 from the member who save their money.

    As for the step that is going to be implemented are Internal coordination and socialisation. (NR)

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