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    KPAI awarded Netty Heryawan with 'People Award of Child Care and Protection'



    JAKARTA - Chairman of the Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Prasetyani Heryawan received an award from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) at the Award of 2016 for the Protection of Children KPAI Net TV Studio in Jakarta, Tuesday (06.27.16).
    Based on the Decree of the Chairman KPAI number: 13 / KPAI / SK / VII / 2016 on the Protection of Children Award recipients, Chairman of Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Heryawan Prasetiyani crowned as figures child protection matter. In addition to Netty, individual category award recipients include Yasmin Azzahra as exemplary achievers, M. Layman Prakoso as innovative figures child protection, as well as Haryono Suyono as child care figures of all time.
    In the category of philanthropic institutions obtained by Wallets Dhuafa and Research Institute for Food Drug and
     Cosmetics Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI LPPOM), while the category of business won by PT. Bio Farma.
    Governmental Organization Companions escort agencies child Cotton become innovative, follow P2TP2A Jakarta as a child protective services agency. Not to forget the award of public officials child-friendly figures given to the Minister of Social Affairs Parawangsa Khofifah Indar. Lampung regency successfully won the district title caring child protection, and the National Police was awarded a state institution caring child protection.
    Netty Prasetyani said this award as a result of joint work in West Java components in the handling of human trafficking. West Java provincial government and the community have been working hard and well together to protect children Jabar. "I dedicate this award to the people of West Java," he said.
    Netty also appreciates the steps KPAI for giving awards to individuals and institutions in assuring the protection of children. Therefore, it can motivate and enthuse for many parties to work together to seek a variety of programs to protect children and women from violence. Good on a small scale, family, and community circles.
    According to Netty, violence against women and children is extraordinary. Therefore, the handling needs of innovative measures. As has just been carried out in the declaration Jabar Reject Violence in education to create child-friendly schools.
    "Thus, we hope to bring generations of superior quality. Insha Allah materialized, "he said.
     Awards received, according to Netty, not a burden but a moral responsibility to encourage people, strengthening government steps in protecting children. The next idea is to create a safe place child together. This is a place for children to move, even to complain if abused.
    KPAI Chairman Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh said there are five pillars penyelanggara child protection that parents, families, communities, governments and countries.
    "Child Protection Award" is an implementation oversight and monitoring function positively by KPAI given to appreciate the dedication of the people and the government for the protection of children.
    "Steps need to be reported and duplicated Netty order to be an example for other regions. That a governor's wife was not merely accompany (husband) but go straight (to the community), '' he said.
    According to him, the conferment of KPAI as one form of implementation, supervision and monitoring of the organization of child protection. Appreciating breakthroughs by individuals, governments, businesses and society. Awarded with three criteria. First, the program is unique. Second, the program is a massive breakthrough. Third, the comprehensive program and reach the long-term.
    "This award is expected to be a trigger and example in optimizing the functions and responsibilities of child protection in the homeland," he said.
    Meanwhile, Deputy for Protection of Women and Children, Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Sujatmiko, judging an award given KPAI is a breakthrough in helping to protect children Indonesia, which is 33 percent of the population. The government wants to do more efforts to protect the parties, so that more can participate safeguard the future of children.
    "This (award) breakthrough move child protection. Sexual violence never stops. All parties need to move, "he said.
    Besides, he added, it's time for the entire community, including women leaders to combat violence. In addition it is because many of the victims were women.
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