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    Employment BPJS Held a Monitoring and Evaluation Together with The Office of District Prosecutor General



    BANDUNG-Employment BPJS together with the Office of District Prosecutor General held a monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of their cooperation that has been woven since the early 2016.

    According to the Director of Membership of Employment BPJS, Ilyas Lubis, the cooperation is on the field of law enforcement towards companies that has not registered themselves as one of Employment BPJS member.

    "We have initiate this cooperation since the last 2016, and today, we conduct a monitoring and evaluation just to see how far the cooperation is going on both sides of the parties," he said.

    According to Ilyas, from the overall prospect of Employment BPJS which reach 42 million people, today, there are only 20% of the number that has become the member of BPJS.

    "Those prospect is our homework to be done by 2019 and it excludes the non-formal workers," he said.

    The cooperation of law enforcement is one of the effort both parties do in order to keep up with the membership target, said Ilyas.

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