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    BPJS Sets 21.9 Million Participants as Their Target Until 2016



    BANDUNG- The Director of Participation and Employment BPJS Ilyas Lubis said that BPJS Employment participants will be stepped up to reach about 600 thousand companies in 2019, or as much as 42 to 45 million participants.

    Former head of PT Jamsostek of West Java Branch is continues to prioritize the formal labor force. However, he said, that does not mean it ruled out the non-formal sector. Roadmap 2019, he said, has a reference that is able to cover the entire formal workers.

    "So far, the number of formal workers is about 42 million people. it is registered that there are 14 million participants, plus by about 5 million workers in construction services," said Ilyas.

    As for the company or corporation, Ilyas continued, until now, nationwide, it reaches around 600 thousand. However, he said, companies that participated in as many as 342 250 companies.

    In the first half of this year, the number of new participants is as many as 7,222,023 people. That, he said, consists of 2,793,136 workers formal, non-formal 451 863 workers, and 3,977,034 workers construction services.

    The number of company that has not been obedient and submissive to the rules is continue to diminish, Ilyas said that he conducts a more intense and more seriously pursue cooperation with the ranks of the prosecutor. jo

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