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    Communities Active Involvement in Preserving The Environment



    BANDUNG-World Environment Day 2016 West Java Province was held in the courtyard of Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Wednesday (07.27.16). The Commemoration of World Environment Day with the theme "Go Wild For Life or Save Our Wild Plants and Animals For Life" is attended by The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, Expert Staff of the Inter-Agency Relations Centre and the Regional Ministry of Environment and Forestry, regents and mayors throughout West Java, FKPD Jabar, environmentalists and 177 community schools in West Java cultured environment.

    In his speech, Governor Aher said, World Environment Day which falls every year on 5 June, is expected to further increase the commitment and synergy among development stakeholders in West Java, to jointly maintain and preserve, carrying capacity and environmental carrying capacity. This is in order to attain the benefit and welfare of the people of West Java on an ongoing basis.

    "The theme is very relevant to the current conditions in which many flora and fauna are endangered, so let us together take care and nurture our environment," said the Governor.

    In West Java province there are 6,500 species of flora, of the total number, 4,500 species is a native plant that grows in a special location and not in other areas. While the potential in West Java fauna includes 499 species of birds and 15 species of them are threatened with extinction as Java Eagle in Mist Mountain National Park. There are 137 kinds of mammals with 22 species of them are threatened with extinction like the bull in Pangandaran and forest Sancang, including endemic species are threatened with extinction. Potential freshwater fish in Jabar recorded 132 species with 13 species of which are threatened with extinction even thought to be extinct like Bill Fish (fish typical of the Citarum river).

    Responding to the entire community Aher asked for more care and attention on the importance of the environment for the source of life. He urged to continue to improve the community's active participation in maintaining the existence of flora and fauna, restore the environment, the success of the movement of land rehabilitation in West Java.

    "Succeed anyway Bestari Citarum movement by maintaining the quality of the environment including water resources and the maintenance of border area of ??water resources," he said.

    On that occasion, the provincial government also gave awards to 177 schools in West Java were cultured environment and community leaders who serve, nurture and save the environment.

    "May the commemoration of World Environment Day this Jabar rate can inspire all of us to take an active part in protecting and managing the environment for the continuation of human life," he concluded.

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