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    Aher: All Local Owned Enterprises Will be Audited by West Java Financial Audit Agency



    BANDUNG-All Local Owned Enterprises (enterprises) will be audited Jabar Financial Audit Agency (BPK). According to The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, the audit is done to ensure the health of the financial condition of the enterprises to be easily monitored.

    "The point is to see the financial condition of our enterprises. Whether they are healthy or not, and easily monitor, our local enterprises, both which already gain a profit or not," he said, Wednesday (27/7).

    Ahmad Heryawan recognize that of 9 West Java provincial government-owned enterprises, few have been able to provide revenue to the West Java budget.

    "Yes, only a few did, as BJB largest supplier to the budget. But that can not contribute to the budget is not meant to be closed right? We must look at the problem, if it can still be developed so we seek for potential," clear Aher. (PUN)

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