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    Aher: Dumping Industrial Waste Into River is an Act of Environmental Crimes



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan flatly stated that the industrial cooperation still throw their waste into the river and it is considered as an environmental criminals. It was revealed by Aher in his speech at the commemoration of World Life an Environmental Day in Wesjava level at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (27/7).

    "I want to make sure that the journalists write this, I dare to say that the industrial company that is still dumping their wastes into rivers are environmental criminals" followed by the audiences applause.

    According to Aher, they are always threaten our environment. "Their threats are always about the closing down a factory will cause unemployment. It is a threat that is stale, because the public is also now increasingly supporting environmental preservation" he said.

    World Environment Day this time themed Go Wild For Life or Preserve Wild Plants And Animals For Life. The event took place in the parking lot of West Gedung Sate and also attended by the officials of the ministry of Environmental affairs

    In that event, are also given various awards to those who care about the environment (Pun)

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